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Miki, the creator of Hottiedots!, believes every woman should look and feel glamorous whenever the mood strikes. Miki was raised in the fashion business and has studied fashion and beauty trends throughout many decades while doing off-ramp modeling as a young woman and later on developing a passion for unique type products related to those trends. Miki was a co-creator of the first make-up kits on the market lending her creativity and marketing talents to every aspect of product development.

For years, Miki wore a beauty mark using pricey pencils, and ink type products that were messy, hard to apply, then smudged and wore off within a short time of application. Necessity is the mother of invention, and Miki decided to create something unique, fun, easy to use and inexpensive. Hottiedots! can bring out the glamour in every woman, no matter what her age!

Here's a brief history of beauty marks.





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