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A Brief History About Beauty Marks*

A beauty mark or beauty spot is a dark mark on the face or other part of the body that is considered to be attractive.

A facial beauty mark is generally considered most attractive if it is located within an inch or so of the upper lip or around the eyes, and is subdermal so that it does not protrude from the skin.

They are considered feminine and attractive. For this reason, beauty marks can be applied to the face, as a form of make-up. They were particularly highly-regarded during the Renaissance and it became commonplace to create beauty marks using makeup.


Celebrities with Beauty Marks*

Marilyn Monroe's beauty mark generated a new vogue for them during the twentieth century and more recent celebrities to sport them include Madonna (below nostril), Eva Mendes (cheek), Mandy Moore (cheek), Demi Moore (chin), Jason Morrow, Mariah Carey, Timea Vagvolgyi (stomach), Gwen Stefani (body), Robert DeNiro, Shiina Ringo, Molly Sims (chin), LeeLee Sobrieski (left arm), Penelope Cruz (chest), Natalie Portman (cheek), Charlize Theron (body), and perhaps most famously, Cindy Crawford.

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