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Hottiedots! brand Beauty Marks! Instant Glam, Fun and a great new addition to ANY makeup routine.

One of the hottest new products to be introduced on the beauty scene this year is Hottiedots! the glamorous peel-and-stick beauty marks owned by Primp Co. of Orange, CA

Hottiedots! are great for women of all ages but they are especially creating fun for the hip "tween" market! Their love affair with Hottiedots! has already started and is sure to explode within this demographic segment following upcoming marketing and advertising campaigns being generated in the weeks ahead.

What Can You Expect with Hottiedots!? Instant Beauty that last!

Thanks to NEW Hottiedots! brand beauty marks you can apply the perfect color for you in seconds! Hottiedots! stay on until you take them off. There's no smearing, no smudging and no re-touching. Go on! Be creative and have that exotic beauty mark all day and all night long!

Hottiedots! Are All About FUN!!!

"I never noticed that fabulous beauty mark next to your lips" Your beauty mark on your cheek is so cool!" Your friends will want to know all about it! It is so much fun to decide just where you will put Hottiedots! What kind of mood will it suggest? Playful? Exotic? Unique?

Hottiedots! are Safe Glam that is Instant and Easy to Use!!

Hottiedots! are specially formulated, skin tested material, backed with a safe, non-toxic body adhesive. There is no permanence, no objection from parents when it comes to wearing Hottiedots! When it is time to remove them simply peel off and discard.

The BEAUTY of Hottiedots! Is Timeless!

Once you choose the perfect shade you will always enjoy wearing a beauty mark with confidence! Hottiedots! are 16 to a package and created in 3 delightful colors:
* Midnight Kiss- Off Black
* Chocolate Kiss- Dark Brown
* Toasted Kiss- Light Brown
And coming soon- Glitter Hottiedots! in Stars and Hearts in pastel colors for the young girls who want a touch of Glitter and Glam!

New Hottiedots! Are Definitely Pop Culture!

For countless decades wearing a Beauty Mark has been a sign of allure and continues to add glamour for women of all ages. Go to the history of Beauty Marks on our website and read all about it!



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