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Hottiedots! Press Release

Dec. 5, 2006 Prime Newswire article

Nov. 11, 2006 For immediate release

Let the Glam Begin! “Hottiedots!” Are Here!

If nature didn’t bless you with strategically placed beauty marks, now you have a chance for that glamorous accent because of the newly introduced “Hottiedots!”. They are conveniently packaged, peel and stick beauty marks, 16 to a pack that are sure to add allure to the mouth, eyes, cheeks and body.

“Hottiedots!” are the sole creation of Miki Lanese and her Company Primp Co. of Orange, California. Miki said she conceived of “Hottiedots!” because it was so much fun and would appeal widely to women of all ages.. “Beauty marks are timeless. I carried the idea of ‘Hottiedots!’ around for years and I am sure there are millions of girls and women out there like me who will love them!”.







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