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Photo Release -- New Hottiedots! Beauty Marks Add Creative Dimension to Ordinary Makeup

Natural Looking, Peel and Stick Hottiedots! Bring Out the Glam in Women of All Ages

ORANGE, Calif., Dec. 5, 2006 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) (PRIMEZONE) -- The Primp Company of Orange, California today introduced Hottiedots!(tm), a new product for women of all ages seeking desirable, strategically placed beauty marks. Hottiedots! are easy-to-apply, peel and stick, temporary beauty marks made of skin-tested, specially formulated composite material with a laminate coating, and backed with a safe, non-toxic face and body adhesive. The new beauty product is available through the internet at

A photo accompanying this release is available at

Peel and Stick Beauty Marks
Peel and Stick Beauty Marks

"For years I carried around the idea of Hottiedots!," said Miki Lanese, president and founder of the Primp Company. "I always wanted beauty marks, but nothing ever worked. I tried expensive pencils, markers and liquid applicators, but everything was hard to apply and resulted in smudges. I knew Hottiedots! was the answer. They look so authentic and they go on in seconds! Women of all ages in our test marketing love this product!"

Hottiedots! are sold in packages of 16. The peel and stick beauty marks are safe and easy-to-use, and are designed to add allure to the mouth, eyes, cheeks or other parts of the body, creating a truly glamorous effect every time you apply them. The skin-safe adhesive keeps the Hottiedots! in place all day or evening and they are easily removed by simply peeling off or with normal makeup removing products.

Miki Lanese, an entrepreneur by nature, is the creator of Hottiedots! and the founder of Primp Company which she started in April of 2006. Raised in the fashion business, Miki has studied fashion and beauty trends throughout many decades while doing off-ramp modeling as a young woman and later on developing a passion for unique type products related to those trends.

Hottiedots! are easy to use, fun to wear and inexpensive. Hottiedots! can create instant glamour in every woman! For more information on Hottiedots! visit

Hottiedots!(tm) is a trademark of Primp Co./Miki Lanese

The photo is also available at NewsCom, (, and via AP PhotoExpress.

CONTACT:  Primp Co.

          Miki Lanese, Founder

          (866) 444-7875


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