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Hottiedots! are instant beauty marks that adds a smile, a new confidence in your look, and lots of fun !

Plain face + Hottiedots! = sexy, glamorous, alluring

Where to put a beauty mark on the face?   

Pick a spot that you like, firmly press Hottiedots! in place for a few seconds, and presto! Instant beauty mark! See your favorite celebrities below for inspiration.


marilyn monroe
Off the to side of Marilyn Monroe.....


cindy crawford
Accentuate your lips Cindy Crawford.....


mariah carey
Accentuate lower chin..... like Mariah Carey.....

angelina jolie
Above Angelina Jolie.....

anna nichol smith
Upper Cheek....long live Anna Nicole Smith.....

marie osmond
Accentuate your Marie Osmond.....


molly sims
Lower Molly Sims....


Unleash your Diva!!! Press on Hottiedots!
Sex Appeal happens when you apply Hottiedots!


Have fun with Hottiedots!

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